How Do You Unlock Your Mind?

How do we unlock the brilliancy of our mind? The capacity of our bodies? The peak of our soul?

Human performance...What are the limits? The nature of our mind is primarily subconscious which alone should create the deepest desire in the forming of your curiosities. We must constantly be reflecting and collecting our experiences along the way. We’re an organism that has been built to adapt through the harshest of times and in extreme environments. These experiences and imprints are passed down generation to generation. Portraying stories, theories, truths and fictional concepts that eventually get ingrained into the memory storage of our personal computer. We spend a lifetime thinking we can easily change a habit, solidify a value, sustain purpose and finalize an outcome. At every checkpoint along our journey we come to find out “There’s more”. This evolutionary chain of development ultimately becomes our standard as a society. To add value to the tribe. What we build today becomes the mind of tomorrow. And so on....

So yes. How we respond now, how we teach now and how we lead now. This will eventually be the glacier under the water in the minds of our future selves.
One Love,
Harvey Martin

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