Between Stimulus & Reaction

One could argue the optimization of performance is the choice made under pressure. At its core you have few things that you really control in these short bursts between a stimulus and your reaction. (Breath)

The paradox here is that it certainly does not seem like it. Our brain is wired to make decisions all day in hopes of keeping us safe. This creates a massive amount of chaos. Constantly bouncing back and forth between past and future decisions. And like all things this means (Energy). This is how chess players are capable of burning thousands of calories a day during a competition. They’re thinking, solving and projecting (Mental Energy). Think of people in sales, coaches or teachers...Exhausted at the end of the day purely through talking. (Emotional Energy)

(Physical Energy) Look at google or YouTube of any exhausted runner, fighter or athlete. Or observe your dog after chasing all the sticks we throw them. Chances are they’re breathing through their mouth, their eyes are squinted or shut and they’re breathing heavy and fast. 

Whether it’s mental, emotional or physical. Our energy serves as a feedback loop to our self-awareness which ultimately becomes our ability to solve a problem (choice). 

We have this yin and yang ecosystem happening between our mind and body where the only external thing we can reflect on is the choices made under pressure. 

We use energy all day and if we don’t understand how to shift gears we will become very reactive. (Think of the final inning or 4th quarter of a game...Reactive Decisions fail) but under all this chaos it’s minimizing and subtracting that actually enhances problem solving. This is slowing, quieting and following the breath that gets you to your level of preparation (breathe less). 

Hope this helps:
- Decisions are clearer after exhales
- Extend exhales in pressure (calm)
- Understand sound/pace. The brain hears it all. -Add calming sound to your exhales (hum/hiss/ocean wave).
- Breathe in through the nose out through the mouth or if      comfortable all nose. (Protocol we use 4seconds in-pause-7 seconds out)
- Focal point w/eyes and open to see panoramic


One Love, Harv


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