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The MindStrong Academy 

Run by our Mindset & Performance Coach

Austin Hanson


Austin is a passionate coach focused on the development of young men and women by understanding barriers to health, performance, fulfillment, and impact.  His purpose has been shaped by each of his three open-heart surgeries.  While most with his particular condition never get the chance to compete in athletics, Austin excelled at a high level in both hockey and baseball at the varsity level, and was voted Male Student Athlete of the Year in 2015 as a member of the M-State collegiate baseball program.  After his playing days, Austin completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato before graduating with a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology in 2017.  

During his time at Minnesota State, Austin was a volunteer assistant with the Maverick baseball program working his way from Student Manager up to Bullpen Coach and Mental Performance Coach over four seasons.  As a part of his graduate studies, Austin developed mental training workshops for numerous high school programs in the region and completed a manuscript on the development of Grit in collegiate athletes.  Since joining The MindStrong Project, Austin has worked with hundreds of high school athletes and every level of collegiate athlete.  Austin now holds the title of Director of Mental Performance for Youth and High School Athletes, running the MindStrong Academy, individual/team consultations, and the JP4 Foundation Summer Camps.

MindStrong Academy Objectives


The MindStrong Academy is a unique online classroom experience focused on youth and high school athletes aimed at developing a competitive edge. Information covered in the MindStrong Academy is based on the same mental tools and principles that top executives, corporations, and sports organizations invest in. After interviewing some of the top performers in professional sports, business, and literature, as well as working with thousands of athletes at all ages and skill levels, our staff has gathered endless information and perspectives. Within the Academy, the primary objectives include:

  • Practice Breath Work – Mechanics, Principles, and Protocols
  • Gain Self-Awareness – Understanding Thoughts, Emotions, and Physiology
  • Understand the brain as it relates to Performance, Health, and Wellness
  • Develop the best Goals, Plans, and Mission Statements to optimize choices and mindset
  • Grow an appreciation for Adversity, Stress, and Personal Growth

The MindStrong Academy is an environment that aligns athletes with high aspirations to a space that allows them to be vulnerable about navigating the challenges and barriers between where the they currently stand and who they wish to become. As one former student put it, “The MindStrong Academy is a masterclass, team of accountability partners, and mental training program all in one.”

Adam Barta

Owner, Blizzard Elite Baseball

"Finding teachers who can properly communicate mental training is a hard task and I'm so appreciative of the smart, calculated, common sense approach of Austin Hanson.  The MindStrong Project and Austin have made a lasting impression on both our players and coaches.  Our 'fire and ice' sessions, breath work training and mindset building has been an experience that has impacted our players and made them stronger players and people. 

 I have firsthand knowledge of Austin's wisdom as he has helped guide me through daily breathing routines that has created a little bit more of a seamless day.  I'm a busy bee and always have something going but the breath work I have implemented has slowed me down and made me more impactful in my daily work and given me energy to work with my team and students."

Andy Judkins

Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

"What Austin Hanson and The MindStrong Project does and continues to do is unmatched.  They dig deep into the minds of athletes to help better prepare them for situations both on and off the field.  The resources Mindstrong provides help put these athletes on a different level and help perform at the highest.  I strongly recommend and encourage any high school, college and professional athletes to get in touch with Austin."

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